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  • Selecting your carpet is an important process because it’s a decorating investment you’ll want to enjoy for years to come. 

    The specific construction or manufacturing method of carpet affects both it’s appearance and performance. Most carpet is made by one of four methods: tufted, woven, needle-punched, or hand-knotted.

    Tufted carpet is made on a high-speed machine that stitches big loops in place, and then a secondary backing material is applied for strength and stability. Over 90 percent of the broadloom carpet made in North America is tufted. It’s efficient and less expensive to produce than woven carpet, and offers consumers a complete range of styling. The loop can be left intact or sheared at different levels creating variety of styles.

    Woven carpet construction is similar to woven fabric. The pile, weft, and warp yarn interlace on the loom, allowing for wide versatility of design. Velvet plush, Axminster, and Wilton carpets are all woven.

    Needle-punched carpet is made by punching layers of fiber through a mesh fabric by thousands of barbed needles. The result is a felt-like carpet. This type of carpet was developed first for indoor-outdoor use. It’s relatively durable but limited in available styles.

    Hand-knotted carpets and rugs have been made (mostly in wool) for centuries, primarily in the Middle East and China. Commonly referred to as Oriental rugs, they follow distinct traditions of color and pattern and are usually very expensive.

    Texture- Curled or twisted tufts make for a textured surface that helps mask footprints. Textured carpet is by far one of the most popular types of carpet because it helps hide some of life’s little accidents, making it ideal for today’s busy families. Especially suitable for less formal decors.

    Frieze – (pronounced ‘free-zay’) – A type of textured carpet with highly twisted tufts that curl at the pile surface. The durability and timeless appeal of Frieze carpet, makes it an increasingly popular choice among carpet buyers. Frieze carpets are available in solid or multi-colored varieties. Frieze carpet has character, a look that gives the perception of depth to your floor.. Especially suitable for higher traffic areas.

    Loop – Loop pile with tufts of equal height or multi-level loops. Multi-level loops form beautiful patterns using solid colors. Broad application with durable wear in either construction. Loop carpet is sturdy, comfortable and great for family rooms and spill-prone areas.

    Pattern Cut Pile – Sophisticated look made using Saxony yarn, but generating a pattern look by tufting cut pile and loop pile with a level pile height. Appropriate for formal of informal room schemes.

    Cut Pile Berber – Casual cut pile construction using a combination of big tufts and small tufts. This type of carpet usually contains small flecks of dark color on lighter shade background colors. Informal in construction but add excitement to any room.

    Saxony – A dense level-cut pile. Yarns tufts are closely packed, presenting a smooth, luxurious surface. Generally for formal settings.

    Cut Loop – Yarns are tufted into large islands of high cut tufts and lower loop tufts to form a sculptured pattern. Suits more informal settings.


    Most carpet styles are made entirely of one fiber type – nylon, olefin, or polyester and a recent addition triexta. Some styles may contain blends of these fibers. There are two fiber classes- natural, such as wool, and man-made, such as nylon, olefin, and polyester. Each has different characteristics. The following can help you make the right choice for your needs.

    Nylon continues as the ideal carpet fiber. Its many attributes combine to provide outstanding durability, performance, resilience, and appearance. Nylon lends itself to an unlimited variety of styles and colors at reasonable prices.

    Polyester fiber produces carpets that are soft to the touch but not as resilient as carpets of nylon. Polyester is best suited for low traffic areas.

    Olefin (also called polypropylene) is often used in indoor/outdoor carpet and in loop-pile carpets. Due to its relatively low resilience, its use should be restricted to areas of low traffic.

    Triexta fiber produced from as much as 37% corn based. Triexta fiber has a soft touch to the hand and a great stain resistances.

    Wool is a natural fiber and presents a beautiful appearance in carpeting. However, wool may not be as resilient as man-made carpet fibers and is quite a bit more expensive.

    Stainmaster Carpet is made from Type 6,6 nylon, the strongest carpet fiber for a more durable and long-lasting carpet. Type 6,6 nylon protects against fiber loss from high traffic and assures you superior appearance retention and outstanding fade resistance.

    Shaw carpet—made of durable, stylish, easy care Anso® nylon—looks beautiful in your home. And only Shaw recycles existing Anso® nylon into new carpet, over and over, saving enough energy to run thousands of homes like yours every year.

    Beaulieu Magic Fresh Carpet- An exclusive self-renewing, odor-destroying technology that keeps your home feeling fresh! It’s an innovative approach to enhancing your indoor environment. Magic Fresh was specifically designed to improve the indoor air quality of your home. Magic Fresh captures odors and pollutants from their sources and helps purify the air.

    Some of the Stainmaster carpets that Jezard Flooring carries are manufactured by Mohawk, Shaw,Beaulieu, Royalty, Dixie Home and Camelot.

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